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Kent Berntsson


Marine Paint

Programme Mission

Marine Paint is a research programme at Göteborgs University and Chalmers University of Technology, performing research within the area of marine biofouling. Unwanted biological growth on man-made marine surfaces is a global problem, which hitherto has been addressed through the application of environmentally hazardous agents. The goal of Marine Paint is to develop new, environmentally adapted substances. Marine Paint is a MISTRA-programme.

Research in Marine Paint is focussing on the development of an entirely new class of bioactive ingredients for marine paints. These bioactive substances will selectively prevent settling of the most notorious fouling organism at the ship hull, i.e. the barnacle.

Project 1 b. Assessment of antifouling performance

This project focuses on research about the action of catemines on the barnacle larvae settlement process. Behavioural and physiological responses are assessed using in-vivo and in-vitro assays to obtain a mechanistic understanding of the mode of action of catemines on the target organism. Barnacle culture facilities supply this and other projects within the programme with test organisms. Furthermore, traditional antifouling tests including settlement assays, raft-based panel tests and full-scale tests on boat hulls are performed to evaluate the performance of catemine based coatings.




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