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The Marine Flora of the Koster Archipelagoe

The marine algae of the Koster Archipelagoe, the north-east part of the Skagerrak

Abstract: The Koster Archipelagoe is situated in the north-east part of the Skagerrak, close to the Norwegian border.The area is considered as of interest for natural conservation purposes by SEPA and the county administrative board of the county Västra Götaland. Starting in 1998, a survey of the macroalgal flora is carried out as a part of the preparational work. The species composition and the depth distribution of the macroalgae is recorded.

Contact person(s): Jan Karlsson

Grants: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), B & B Wåhlströms minnesfond and Kapten Carl Stenholms donation.

Collaboration: Lars-Ove Loo, Dept. of Marine Ecology (TMBL), Göteborg University, Mats Kuylenstierna, Dept. of Marine Botany, Göteborg University


This page will host a database covering the taxa found in the still ongoing survey