A large unknown beige sea star with narrow ambulacral grooves from a depth of around 250 meters off W Norway. The pictures below is from a specimen picked up by a ROV - but a few other specimens were simultaneously observed from a hard bottom filled with large sponge species. I think it must be a Valvatida (likely Goniasteridae) with its large valvate pedicellariae on both upper and lower side and characteristic granulate marginal plates - a little longer than broad, lacking spines, but equipped with pedicellariae. Plates of the oral side looks angular and granulate. I did not recognize the species, when asked about it, so I suspected for a while that it may not have been found in Scandinavia before, but probably it may be a full grown Peltaster placenta looking very different from the few young specimens I have seen before. The photos are not possible to magnify much, but also the abactinal plates looks granular. Does anybody else recognize it?

Picture fom above

Picture from below

Partial picture from below

Picture from one side


Still another species was dredged from deeper waters (around 600 m) in a Norwegian fjord earlier. I guess it may be a Diplopteraster multipes rather than a species of Hymenaster, but am not completely sure. Can anyone confirm or - if not - suggest what it might be?

Picture from above 1.

Picture from above 2.

Picture from below.

Mother with young.

Young on mothers back.

best wishes / Hans G. H.