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Bertil Rex

Coastal water monitoring programme in the county of Bohuslän

Abstract: TMBL takes part in a coastal water monitoring programme in the county of Bohuslän. The objective is to document the marine environment to be able to discover changes. First Tuesday each month Kristineberg Marine Research Station (KMRS), in cooperation with TMBL, take hydrography samples at 14 stations. TMBL is responsible for sampling at eight different depths on the Koster fjord station. The following parameters are measured: salinity, temperature, concentrations of oxygen, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate, silicon, chlorophyll and dominating phytoplankton. The results are discussed at telephone conferences and summarized by the county administrative board in press releases, quarterly and annual reports.

Contact person(s): Bertil Rex

Grants: Göteborgs och Bohus läns Vattenvårdsförbund through KMRS. 


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