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Ann Larsson

 Effects of flow on Balanus improvisus barnacles

In my thesis I focused on the barnacle Balanus improvisus and learned more about how settlement and recruitment is affected by the flow of water and it's associated forces. More specifically, I investigated how the flow regime affects the cyprid settlement rate and I tried to detect and evaluate the importance of larval behaviour in response to flow. These studies were combined with experimental tests of flow effects on feeding-efficiency, growth and survival for post-settlement, juvenile barnacles. This information is used to predict how hydrodynamics may influence and restrict the spatial distribution of this barnacle, and to assess potential adaptive importance of larval behaviour. In the second part of my work I studied the forces imposed on attached cyprids and juvenile barnacles in flow and measured the strength of attachment. In combination with growth rate studies in various conditions, this work is intended as an applied tool to evaluate the performance of fouling-release coatings on ships.

My work wass financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Objective 2 West Sweden.


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