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Anette Ungfors

Biological background to management of the Edible crab Cancer pagurus on the Swedish west coast

The aim of this PhD study is to collect and analyse data on the biology of the Edible crab Cancer pagurus along the Swedish West Coast, to give scientific advice on which geographic scale it is suitable to manage the stock and to give recommendations of management strategy. The advice will be founded on stock assessment, obtained knowledge on the population structure and on the modelled impact of alternate management actions.

Department of Marine Ecology, Göteborg University

Dr Per Nilsson and assistant supervisor Assoc. Prof Carl André, Department of Marine Ecology, Göteborg University.

Keyword: Stock assessment, size at maturity, population genetics, mark-recapture, migration, fishery data

Research area: Fishery Biology

By the interdisciplinary national programme
SUCOZOMA (sustainable coastal zone management) in three years 2001-2004 and by the Department of Marine Ecology, GU 2004-2005


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