Anette Ungfors
I am a marine or fishery biologist (PhD) very much interested in fishery biological and management aspects of commercial crustacean species. This interest has most probably been nursed by being raised in a fishermen family, living by the Sea (the Baltic Sea!). During my Master thesis (1998) I got my hands on crustaceans (Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus) when I conducted laboratory simulations of live-storage handling. After this, I worked in the project Fishery Technological Centre (1999-2000) focusing on the development of new or un-developed sustainable fisheries for Sweden. Here I came into contact with the edible crab (Cancer pagurus), for the time quality (meat yield) studies.
During my period as a phd student (2001-2008) I studied biological aspects of the edible crab important for a sustainable management. I studied size at maturity (Ungfors 2007), migration (Ungfors et al. 2007) and population genetics (Ungfors et al. 2009). Also, I performed two independent stock assessment approaches using length cohort analyses and experimental density estimations (in prep.). During this period I also co-operated with the fishery industry in two projects (2002-2005 The Swedish West Coast Crab; 2005-2008 High Quality Nephrops) were I and assistants performed crab fishery experiment and live-storage experiment of Nephrops.
Not the least, I gave birth to my two children in 2004 and 2006. Me and my family now live in the lovely small harbour town Strömstad, situated at the coast of Skagerrak close to the Norwegian border (some 150 km to Oslo and 180 km to Gothenburg).
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PhD Anette Ungfors
Department of Marine Ecology - Tjärnö, University of Gothenburg
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