Academic history
* 2008 Phd. Phd thesis “Fisheries biology of the edible crab (Cancer pagurus) in the Kattegat and the Skagerrk – Implications for Sustainable Management”, Department of Marine Ecology, Univeristy of Gothenburg. Supervisor: PhD Per Nilsson. Ungfors PhD thesis.pdf
* 2000 MSc. Master thesis “Laboratory experiments on live-storage of creel captured Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus (L.)”, ME, GU. 
* 1993-1997 Graduate studies at Lund and Gothenburg University

Previous projects
* The Swedish west coast crab, 2002-2005. Project leader, co-operation project with fishermen. Assistants: Christin Appelkvist, Helena Sundström. Funding from EFF.
*The Quality Nephrops, 2005-2008. Project leader, co-operation project with fishermen. Assistants: Frank Sjödin, Annika Lindkvist, Dragana Vojvodic. Funding from EFF.
* Prevalence of, and methods for the blood parasite Hematodinium in Nephrops, 2007-2008. Together with assistent Annika Lindkvist.

International contacts
* I am a member of the ICES workgroup for Crabs since 2003. I have attending meetings at Tromsö, Norway (2003), Galway, Ireland (2005) and Lowestoft, UK (2007). 
* Migration and dispersal of Marine organisms. 37th European Marine Biology Symposium, Reykjavik, Iceland 5-9th of August 2002. Poster presentation.
* Life history, Assessment and management of Crustacean fisheries. A Coruña, Galicien, Spain 8-12th of October 2001. Poster presentation.
* SUCOZOMA programme conference 13-14th June 2001, TMBL and 10-11th June 2002, Gothenburg. Oral Presentation pf PhD research and co-operation with fishermen organisations.
* Crabs in cold water regions: Biology, Management and Economics. Anchorage, Alaska 17-20 January 2001.
* Red King Crab research expedition in Northern Norway Fiords Aug/Sept 2001. Fiskeriforskning, Tromsö.
* I have a fruitful contact with Astrid Woll, Möreforskning, Norway. She and collegues work with applied research on crustaceans.  

Current work
Today (2009) I share my time between work with ancient DNA of cod (Gadus morhua) and evaluation of alternative baits for the Swedish Nephrops creel fisheries. About me_files/Ungfors%20PhD%20thesis.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0
Research profile
Model organisms
  1. 1.Edible crab (Cancer pagurus)
  2. 2.Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus)
Research interests
* Fishery biology and management in general
* Sexual maturity, migration, population genetics and stock assessment in particular
* The parasite Hematodinium
*Development of sustainable fisheries (e.g. live-storage)