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Evolution and Genetics

Contact person:
Carl André

Areas of interest:

We use molecular and genetic tools to adress evolutionary, ecological and taxonomical questions in the marine environment.

Persons active within Evolution and Genetics:

Carl André, Assoc Prof

Kerstin Johannesson, Prof

Ricardo Pereyra, Dr

Benno Jönsson, Dr

Tuuli Mäkinen, Dr

Mikael Dahl, PhD student

Petri Kemppainen, PhD student

Erika Norlinder, PhD student

Marina Panova, PhD student

Anette Ungfors, PhD student

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Projects within Evolution and Genetics:

Life history, population structure and speciation in marine gastropods
We use molecular markers, such as microsatellites and MtDNA to trace the evolutionary history of ecotypes within species, and assess gene flow among populations within and between contrasting habitats.
K. Johannesson, C. André, P. Kempainen, T. Mäkinen, M. Panova

Conservation genetics in marine fish and shellfish
We use molecular markers to identify stocks and estimate migration in cod, herring, shrimp, oyster and the eadible crab.
C. André, K. Johannesson, R. Pereyra, B. Jönsson, A. Ungfors

Genetic biodiversity in the Baltic-North Sea salinity transition
K. Johannesson, C. André, R. Pereyra

Speciation and population genetics in Fucoid algae. K. Johannesson, R. Pereyra

Conservation genetics in cold water corals
C. Andre, M. Dahl

Molecular taxonomy in Polychaetes
E. Norlinder

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A list of relevant publications with PDFs


The Molecular lab:

The molecular laboratory at TMBL is fully equipped for DNA fragment analysis and sequencing. It is located in three separate rooms in the new laboratory building and can house about ten persons simultaneously.

Five PCR machines
Two Pharmacia Alf Express slab gel sequencers
Beckman 8-capillary sequencer
Perkin Elmer plate reader
Low temperature centrifuge
Cloning facilities
Agaros gel rigs and photo documentation
Nanodrop DNA-spectrophotometer
Two -70 °C freezers
Speed wac
Several centrifuges and thermoblocks

Sequencing, Microsatellite DNA, AFLPs, SNPs

Parentage, Population subdivision, Gene flow, Hybridization, Phylogeny reconstruction


Industrial interest and regional effects:

We have ongoing collaboration with the National Board of fisheries in Lysekil, local fishermen, local authorities and fisheries biologist in Østfold, Norway on genetic stock identification in herring, cod and shrimp in NE Skagerrak.

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Gastropod speciation:
Guelph University, Canada (Elizabeth Boulding),
Vigo University, Italy (Emilio Rolan Alvarez)

Fish ecology and genetics:
Stockholm University (Nils Ryman, Linda Laikre) Oslo University, Norway (Nils Chr Stenseth and PerErik Jorde)
Norwegian Institute for Marine Research (Halvor Knutsen)
Danish Institute for Fisheries Research (Dorte Bekkevold)
Bangor University, UK (Gary Carvalho)
Dalhousie University, Canada (Daniel Ruzzante)

Plant ecology and genetics:
University of Algarve, Portugal (Ester Serrão, Gareth Pearson)
Groningen University, Netherlands (Jeanine Olsen) University of California (Andrey Tatarenkov)


Other web sites of interest at TMBL:

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