Evolution & Genetics
Working group


Purpose with the working group:


Routines for group meetings
When: One meeting a month with a fixed time:
2nd Thursday each month.
Time: 13.00 - 15.00
Where: Loftet, White dormitory

Mötesteknik/etik (meeting technique & ethics, in Swedish)


The functions as chairperson and secretary should rotate. The person who was a secretary at the last meeting will be the chairperson on the next. The person who will be chairman on the next meeting is the one who reminds the rest of the group and sends a call on the TMBL e-mail list. See the meeting guidelines for instructions. The notes should be available on EGGs homepage.

Contact person
Carl André

List of participants
Send calls or other information to:
If somebody want to subscribe or unsubscribe the EGG-list, please go to

The following persons has shown an interest to get information about activities within the EGG-group:

  1. Calle André
  2. Totte Dahlgren
  3. Johan Hollander
  4. Kerstin Johannesson
  5. Benno Jönsson
  6. Björn Källström
  7. Tuuli Mäkinen
  8. Marina Panova
  9. Eva Marie Rödström
  10. Andrei Tatarenkov
  11. Olga Tatarenkov
  12. Gunilla Toth
  13. Anita Tullrot
  14. Anette Ungfors
  15. Per Åberg

EGG:s homepage
Carl André if you want to add or change anything on the EGG homepage.

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