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You will find links below to good, but very specialized search engines for ftp (FTP Search, Filez & Archie) and email-addresses (+ home-pages) (e.g. WhoWhere, Ahoy! or Four11). A lot of still other, more or less specialized, search engines may be found through the links to All-in-1 & MCN.

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Word Wide Web Worm


Search postal code if knowing Swedish address!. (Street/ Road/ Village/ Box, or Business Name in the address field. The postal place may be skipped)
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Lexin Swedish -> English & Odin Scandinavian or other dictionaries.
(E.g. Perseus English -> Greek is a good one, for finding suitable taxon names)
You may use the characters }, {, | instead of the Swedish letters å, ä, ö*.
Look up an English word.
Translated from Swedish, Danish, Norwegian.

Search place if knowing Swedish postal code! (No spaces!)
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Find a Swedish dialing code when knowing the place or vice versa!
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E-Mail to FaxService (Total coverage in UK & Sweden, good in several other countries). Letters like å, ä, æ, ö, ø & ü will not be transmitted. Always use the following fax number formatting (spaces allowed): Country# Area# Local#, ie: Oxford, England: 44 1865 xxxxxx , or read (in Swedish) about MIME E-Mail to Fax , if you need to use diacritic letters.

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