Aquatic Animals Mailing Lists

AQUA-L: Aquaculture discussion list

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Description: The Aquaculture list discusses the science, technology
and business of rearing aquatic species. Membership in the list is
public and unrestricted. Topics include: Who's doing what and
where; problems and solutions rearing aquatic larvae; diseases,
parasites and pathology; water quality; recirculation technology
and applications; research aquatic systems design and operation;
commercial aquatic systems design and operation; site selection
and environmental impact; new species under culture; genetics,
sex reversal and hormonal manipulation; computers in
aquaculture; public perceptions of aquaculture; and

List Owner/Contact: Ted White

AQUARIUM: Discussion of Home Fish Aquariums

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Description: Aquarium is an open discussion about all things
related to the hobby of keeping fish and other aquatic things in an
aquarium. If you have questions about how to solve problems with
your aquarium or if you have expertise about aquariums and are
willing to answer questions, this is the place.

List Owner/Contact: Bert Bruner

BETTAS: Betta Fish Discussion List

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Description: A mailing list designed for people interested in the
keeping and breeding of Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish). It
is a public, unmoderated list, for the discussion of the above topic.
It is NOT for general aquaria information unrelated to Betta

List Owner/Contact: Jill Firch

BRINE-L: Brine Shrimp Discussion List

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List Owners/Contact: Lamar Jackson ,
Mercer University, Phone: 912-752-4062; and Harold Pritchett>

COASTNET: Coastal Management Conference

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Description: The COASTNET Listserv list is a forum to discuss
National and International Coastal Management issues, and is
being facilitated jointly by The Coastal Resources Center and The
Department of Marine Affairs at The University of Rhode Island.
This forum encourages dialog on coastal management issues from
all nations, and is based on the belief that coastal resource
planners, managers, researchers, and users from the developed
and developing world have much to learn from and contribute to
each other. Queries and comments addressed to COASTNET
should fall within the realm of coastal management, including,
but not limited to: natural resources, research, financial resources,
policies and regulations, development, conservation, transfer of
science to policy, and management strategies.

List Owner/Contact: Robert H. Puffer

CRUST-L: Crustacean Biology List

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Description: CRUST-L is an unmoderated discussion list for
scholars and students of Crustacean Biology, which, for our
present purposes, comprises any matters related to the systematics,
distribution, and ecology of members of the arthropod Subphylum
Crustacea. Announcements will be made in English and
subscribers may use the language of their choice. Translations,
however, will not be provided.

List Owners/Contact: Jan Clark , Bill
Hart , and Jim Thomas <>

Division of Crustacea
Department of Invertebrate Zoology
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D.C. 20560
Phone: 202-357-4243
Fax: 202-786-2687

CTURTLE: Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation List

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List Owner/Contact:

DEEPSEA: Deep Sea Biology Discussion List

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Description: Purpose is to serve the world's community of deep sea
and hydrothermal vent biologists working in the areas of
evolution, ecology, biogeography, paleontology, systematics,
phylogenetics, and population genetics.

List Owner/Contact: Andrew McArthur <>

ECS-NEWS: European Cetacean Society News

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Description: Ecs-news is an open list set up to exchange news
items within the European Cetacean Society.

List Owner/Contact:

FISH-ECOLOGY: Fish and Fisheries Ecology

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Description: FISH-ECOLOGY is an international computer
conference for academic personnel & students involved in
empirical and theoretical issues related to fish and fisheries
ecology: Evolutionary aspects, population dynamics, modelling,
management, conservation, bioeconomics, related software &
hardware, reviews, symposium announcements, etc. Membership
is open to all interested parties. Commercial announcements are,
however, not desired. The list aims to stimulate connections
between senior and junior researchers and students on an
international and multidisciplinary basis, to exchange views, data
and to put forward ideas to approach fisheries ecological issues.

List Owner/Contact: Aldo-Pier Solari ,
Universidad de Las Palmas de G.C.

FISHERIES: Fisheries-related Mailing List

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Description: This is for general discussion of fisheries-related
issues, including stock dynamics and fisheries management.

List Owner/Contact: Bill Silvert

FISHFOLK: Fisheries Social Science Network

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List Owner/Contact: Madeleine Hall-Arber

FISH-JUNIOR: Forum between Marine Scientists and Students

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Description: FISH-JUNIOR is a forum for knowledge transfer
between marine scientists and children/high school students. The
list was initially set up by the Swedish University Network
(SUNET) on behalf of a Pilot Project to be conducted by the
British Columbia Ministry of Education (Canada). The aim of
this forum is to enable juniors of early age to interact with
scientists and scientific issues mainly related to Fisheries ecology
and related topics. The FISH-ECOLOGY management would
like to encourage the participation of scientists, advisors, PhD
students and other research personnel who would like to be
involved as teachers in FISH-JUNIOR.

List Owner/Contact: Aldo-Pier Solari

FROG-NET: Amphibian Researcher Mailing List

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Description: This mailing list is set up to facilitate the
communication and interactin among researchers interested in
the behavior and the underlying neural mechanisms in

List Owner/Contact: Jim Liaw , Center for
Neural Engineering, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles,
CA 90089-2520, Phone: 213-740-6991

HERP-L: Herpetology Mailing List

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Description: This mailing list is for discussion of scientific issues
related to herpetology (ecology, evolution, conservation, behavior,
systematics, biogeography, etc.) This list cross-posts to the
USENET newsgroup

Contact: Michael Eisen , Program
in Biophysics, Harvard University, Phone: 617-495-4091, Fax:

IAMSLIC: Intl. Assn. of Aquatic & Marine Science Libraries &
Information Centers

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List Owner/Contact: Peter Brueggeman ,
Head, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library, University of
California San Diego

ICAM-L: Integrated Coastal Area Management

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Description: Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N.
Fishery Development Planning Service Integrated Coastal Area
Management Discussion List

List Owners/Contact: A.I. Insull and
G. de Manicor

KILLIFISH: Killifish (F. Cyprinodontidae) Mailing List

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also be gatewayed into the newsgroup alt.aquaria.killies. You can
send mail to the list only by sending to

MAR-FACIL: Marine Facilities, Aquaculture, Aquaria

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Description: MAR-FACIL is a mailing list for managers and
technical staff at marine research facilities, aquaculture
operations, public aquaria and other facilities supplying seawater
for the support of marine life. The list is intended as a forum for
the discussion of technical and business topics, however discussion
of other matters is welcome and encouraged. The list is managed
by the staff of the Aquatron Laboratory which is situated at
Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The
Aquatron is a specialized marine research facility providing
scientists the opportunity to control the environmental variables
of large volumes of water. The list will be of primary interest to
those individuals who are involved in the operation of similar
marine facilities and those who use such facilities for research.

List Owner/Contact: John Stratton

MARINE-L: Marine Studies/Shipboard Education List

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Description: Marine Studies/Shipboard Education Discussion
group addresses the development of Marine-related studies,
Semester-at-Sea/Education-at-Sea programs, and the
development of e-mail connectivity at sea. Interest areas include:
Marine electronic communications/networking/maintenance;
Coastal/Marine Database; Marine Parks and Coastal National
Parks; General coastal and marine ecosystems; Marine zoology
and biology; Aquaculture; Ocean environmental sciences; Ocean
and atmospheric sciences; Marine sciences research stations and
marine museums; Maritime academies and sail-training; Marine
engineering and ship design, shipbuilding, and shipyard
management; Fisheries science; Stellar navigation; Satellite
oceanography; Blue-water sailing and ship maintenance; History
of Sea Education; Traditional navigation methods around the
world; Co-operative links between Sea-Education programs;
Ocean racing; Marine/maritime publishing and publications;
Submersible design; Shipping movements; Ocean research,
funding, grants and awards; Oceania and maritime anthropology;
International shipboard/port relations; Intercultural
communications; Ocean resources management and ocean
industries; Weather information transmission and information
storage/retrieval; Ham and marine radio communications.

List Owners/Contact: Ted White or Melcir

MARINE-TECH: Marine Technology in the U.K.

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Description: The aim of this list is to promote contact and
discussion amongst the research community of the U.K. who are
involved in the field of Marine Technology. This list is open to all
people connected with the field of Marine Technology, be their
interest in structural analysis, hydrodynamics, marine
engineering, optimisation, fishery studies, or oceanography.

List Owner/Contact: ,
Dave Thomas and Mesut Guner
, Department of Marine
Technology, Armstrong Building, Newcastle University,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU

MARMAM: Marine Mammal Research & Conservation Discussion List

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Description: A marine mammal research and conservation
e-mail discussion list has been established, using the listserver at
the University of Victoria. The purpose of this is to facilitate
discussion regarding research and conservation of marine
mammals, as well as for posting conference or meeting
announcements, volunteer opportunities, new techniques or
equipment available, new books published, etc.

List Owners/Contact: David Duffus or
Robin Baird

MEDSEA-L: Marine Biology of the Adriatic Sea List

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Description: The goal of the list is to increase our knowledge on
processes controlling life in the Adriatic Sea. Special emphasis is
put on the interactions between eutrophication phenomena and
foodweb structures. Another main object of research interest are
investigations on marine snow and mucilage as mucoid aggregates
in the water column of the Northern Adriatic Sea are more
abundant than in any other regions of the world's oceans.

List Owner/Contact: Osiander Meixner <>

MEH2O-L: Middle East Water List

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Description: Discussion group for information and research
related to water in the Middle East. Possible topics include, but are
not limited to: limnology; oceanography; marine biotechnology;
aquaculture (marine and freshwater); conservation; reclamation;
wetlands development; ecological aspects; shared resource
management; notice of upcoming conference and seminars.

List Owner/Contact: Robert Chasan ,
National Center for Mariculture, P.O. Box 1212, Eilat, Israel

MOLLUSCA: Molluscan Phylogeny & Systematics Discussion List

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Description: Discussion of phylogenetic hypotheses and the
construction of classifications within the Mollusca at all
taxonomic levels. The list is to foster greater interaction between
researchers from different methodological and philosophical
backgrounds by welcoming viewpoints from ethology, molecular
biology, anatomical and ultrastructural investigations,
developmental biology, paleontology, theoretical biology, and any

List Owners/Contact: David Lindberg and R. Guralnick,
University of California, Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, CA

NIA: Neotropical Ichthyological Association

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Description: NIA-NET is an electronic mail distribution list of
the Neotropical Ichthyological Association. The list was
established to promote and enchance communication among NIA
members and anyone else that has an interest in Neotropical
fishes. Members are invited to use NIA-NET to broadcast
information and queries that are of general interest to
Neotropical Ichthyologists. If you have any problems with regard
to your subscription, or need more information on NIA, feel free
to send me a message. Currently NIA-NET has about 120
members from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
NIA-NET is the official communication channel for the
NEODAT project.

Contact Paulo Petry,

OCEANTECH: Scripps Institution of Oceanography's Ocean
Technology Forum

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Description: The OCEANTECH conference is an international
informal computer conference for discussion of applied
technology-related topics in freshwater, marine, and
brackishwater environments. Conference membership is open to
all interested parties.

Contact: Kevin Hardy , University of
California - San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

SCUBA: Discussion of Scuba Diving

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Description: SCUBA is a discussion list featuring SCUBA and
skin diving. Topics include illnesses of a diver, dangers under
water, equipment of diving, diving sites all around the world,
wonderful feeling of breathing under water, magical and
mysterious world under water, etc. Either English or Turkish
languages may be used on this list.

List Owner/Contact: Gokhan Boybek

SCUBA-D: Digest of the Usenet rec.scuba newsgroup

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List Owners/Contact: Catherine Yang <> or Nick Simicich <>

SCUBA-L: Scuba Diving Mailing List

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Description: Mailing list for discussion of all aspects of SCUBA

diving. Any articles, views, ideas, and opinions relating to SCUBA
diving are welcome. Areas discussed will include, but are not
limited to: Safety/first aid; places to dive; decompression;
computation; decompression tables; history; new equipment; dive
shops; new technologies; mail order shopping; diving science &
technology; travel; computers; tropical diving; underwater
photography; underwater animal life; underwater vehicles;
questions/quizzes; PADI certifications; NAUI certifications; &
YMCA certifications. Also gateways to Usenet Newsgroup

List Owner/Contact: Catherine Yang <>

SEASHEPHERD: Sea Shepherd Electronic Mailing List

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Description: The Sea Shepherd is involved in several campaigns,
including the fight against whaling, dolphin slaughter, drift nets
and seal killing. This is a volunteer, information collection and
distribution service, for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
and related issues.

List Owner/Contact: Nick Voth , 3725
Westland Pl., Lawrence, KS 66049, Sea Shepherd Conservation
Society, 1314 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401, Phone:

SFER-L: South Florida Environmental Reader

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Description: The South Florida Environmental Reader is a
electronic newsletter covering topics concerning the South
Florida environment. The newsletter is published on a monthly

Contact: Andrew Mossberg

STARNET: Echinoderm Newsletter

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Description: The STARNET echinderm electronic newsletter is
distributed quarterly.

List Owner/Contact: Win Hide

WILDNET: Computing and Statistics in Fisheries & Wildlife Biology

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Description: The Wildnet mailing list was established for the
exchange of ideas, questions, and solutions in the area of fisheries
and wildlife computing and statistics. Possibilities include reviews
of literature, reports on conferences, questions on experimental
design, field techniques, relevant hardware, software, databases,

List Owner/Contact: Eric Woodsworth <>, Canadian Wildlife Service,
Saskatoon, Canada, Phone: 306-975-4023