Nudibranchs are usually beatiful creatures. Some may be very common - especially during the North East Atlantic colder season, while others, like the species below, Okenia aspersa (Alder & Hancock, 1845) are rarely observed - if I remember right, this is only the third living specimen, which I have seen in all my life. The photographs were shot by Frank Sjödin at the Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory. Although not sharp altogether, the photos give a hint of the general look and colours. One and the same specimen is seen in the three photos. If was found together with some other dredged material (of somewhat uncertain origin, but emanating from the Tjärnö area in the northern part of the Swedish west coast) in our laboratory in the beginning of July 1998. The length of this vivid specimen was ca 1 cm. It had 10 gills (but 12 gill branches, because the frontmost and rearmost gills are bifid) and I think, that you may see from the pictures, that the upper ca 75 % of the rhinophores are lamellated.

Hans G. Hansson