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Located in the northernmost part of the Swedish west coast, TMBL is surrounded by a mosaic of marine environments.

Deep sea ecosystem
Just fifteen minutes away by boat is the only true oceanic environment in Sweden. The fissure fault in the Kosterfjord is 250 meters deep and reaches all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean. The deep sill of the fjord provides oceanic salinity (35‰) in the bottom water, and constant deep-water circulation.


In the depths of the Kosterfjord live animals typical of the oceanic continental slopes and the deep fjords of the Norwegian west coast. For example, different species of sponges, sea-pens, Lima mussels and reefs of Lophelia coral.

Rich biodiversity
Other diverse habitats close-by include exposed rocky shores, narrow sounds with strong currents, shallow areas with sand and/or silt bottoms often supporting beds of eelgrass. The Koster archipelago is also home to a large population of harbour seals. About 6000 marine species are found in the Koster area, of which more than 200 are found nowhere else in Swedish waters.

Take a break on Saltö
A few minutes walk from the laboratory, the small island of Saltö offers beautiful beaches and old pine forest. There are several paths for nice walks or jogging.
More about Saltö (in Swedish)


Last updated 30 January 2007