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Aquarium at the TMBL

The former aquarium is being replaced by a new one. Part of it opened in June 2000.

About 20 tanks, containing hundreds of species of algae, invertebrates and fish, show the most typical bottom environments of the Skagerrak. It is probably the most species-rich sea-water aquarium in Sweden.


Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) in a tank with soft bottom.

The former aquarium


In the tapping tanks one is allowed to be in close contact with a number of large, colourful, spectacular and harmless marine species.


Wolf-fish or cat-fish (Anarhichas lupus)


The aquarium is open to the public during summer season. It is also possible to see them during a guided tour at TMBL. For opening hours, please contact Martin Larsvik, phone 0526 - 686 21 (int. +46 - 526 - 686 21) or e-mail