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Inauguration of Lars Afzelius' Laboratory, June 4, 2004

Lars Afzelius

Akademiska Hus has for Göteborg University accomplished the largest rebuilding and enlarging of the Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory so far. Lars Afzelius' Laboratory – named after the laboratory's dynamic director 1974-99, who passed away in 2001 – is with its 1300 m2 an important addition for research in marine ecology. Besides, parts of the two lower stairs in the Education Building have been renovated and a story building has been built. The total cost is 45.5 million kronor.

Under the inauguration ceremony two scuba divers emerged from the bay with a bronze plaque with the caption Lars Afzelius-laboratoriet. It was transported by a 75-headed chain of Tjärnö Laboratory employees to Her Majesty the Crown Princess Victoria, who hanged the plaque in its position.

Her Majesty the Crown Princess Victoria inaugurated the Lars Afzelius' Laboratory by hanging a bronze plaque at the entrance. To the right administrative director Lars Hagström and director Kerstin Johannesson.

The Crown Princess as well as other 60 invited guests were guided through the new premises and got a presentation of research projects and education at the laboratory. During a Koster fjord boat trip the guests were informed by marine biologists as well as fishermen of the values of the Koster fjord. The prawn trawler Brattvåg and Lilleskär, which catches Norwegian lobster in cages, were this day on special mission to show their fishery and serve delicacies to the guests. For Brattvåg this was similar to a day in June 22 years ago, when His Majesty the King inaugurated the largest addition on Tjärnö at that time.

The Lars Afzelius' Laboratory, to the left, is joined to the older Education Building with a glazed-in stair well.

Last updated June 11, 2004 by Martin Larsvik